Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the science of self-knowledge. My approach to teaching conveys the way I  have been learning Hatha Yoga for over 25 years.

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (YHLB) is a specialised, evidenced-based, 12 week course designed to give those with chronic or recurring low back pain a toolkit to improve and maintain a healthy back for life.

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga for pregnancy is really about nurturing the mother. It is taking the time to connect with your baby and to help ease some of those pregnancy symptoms to allow you to enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible.


I completed 200 hours of teacher training with the Himalayan Institute in 1998. I did some student teaching in NYC, followed by some teaching in Leith, Edinburgh. I am pleased to be teaching again in Rugby after a few years break dedicated to motherhood. I taught at Ken Marriott Leisure Centre for 3 years, bringing Hatha Yoga onto the timetable. Now all my teaching is all in privately hired venues, which I find more conducive to this style of yoga than the what the busy gym environments could provide.

In December 2010 I began my pregnancy yoga teacher training with Francoise Barbira Freedman, the founder of Birthlight. I completed my perinatal yoga diploma (distinction level) in June 2011. Later that year I went on to train in yoga for labour and childbirth and am certified to hold workshops for women in late pregnancy, along with their birth partners on yoga to help them prepare for labour and birth.

I love how Hatha Yoga is so wonderfully adaptive, according to each person and their needs. I am registered with Birthlight UK and insured through Balens. I’ve been a member of Rugby RAYS, the Rugby Area Yoga Society, since it was founded. I have maintained links with the Himalayan Institute for many years.

My body feels much more flexible, but interestingly it’s my mind that feels flexible too – I am much calmer, empowered. I would recommend this course to a friend: It is essential in this stressful world to realise we have to stop (mind and body) and stop rushing all the time. This course made me feel both empowered and in control of my feelings.

Erica Brain

I did Leigh’s 3 hour fundraising class – the movements totally alleviated the low back pain I’d had all that week and by the time we got to the yoga nidra (deep systematic relaxation) at the end – it was the closest I’ve come to an out of body experience.

Mary Price

I like Leigh’s open approach. Love the music in relaxation. Leigh is a good role model – essential for myself when I take part in any classes (Luke 4 V.23) Leigh is a very calming person – yet very grounded and realistic. I like her sense of fun with yoga, combining the more altruistic aspects. Very interesting classes. I need to attend classes, as I am very bad at motivation at home!

Joanne Lewis

I’ve gained a better understanding of my mind and body and an ability to try and be a calmer person. I would recommend these classes to a friend because yoga can help with numerous issues going on in life, whatever they may be. My practice helps me feel more in control and I’m sure this will continue to increase.

Louise Goodbody

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