No Yoga, No Peace - Know Yoga, Know Peace
Do I need to be experienced / fit / flexible etc to come try yoga class?

NO! We all start as beginners. I am accustomed to teaching mixed ability groups and giving different options for those at different levels in their practice.

If you are currently doing no physical activity and additionally have medical conditions, which may limit your practice, then you may find I am not the teacher locally with the most gentle style. I do encourage you to be aware of any limitations but to work with your capacity.

My advice is this: if you think yoga is for you, then go try lots of classes and different teachers. When you find the style of teaching and the level that suits you best, it is a wonderful thing!

My most gentle classes are Monday morning Gentle Hatha and Tuesday evening Beginner Hatha. Tuesday night Improvers and Thursday night Mixed Level Hatha are a bit more dynamic and challenging. Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs is extremely gentle and is aimed at absolute beginners.

What does the class consist of?

HATHA YOGA comes from the Sanskrit root word yuj, which means to yoke, to unite, to bind. Hatha Yoga is the union of body, mind and breath.

We begin class with a breath awareness exercise to centre us, help us to detach from our daily stresses and to notice how we feel. Gentle joints and glands movements to warm us up. Interwoven with pranayama (breathing practices) and asanas (postures).

Usually we include mantra (chanting/sound vibration) and always conclude with a guided relaxation.

What does it cost?

Individual class rate is £13/class for 90 minute classes; block-booking rate is £10/class. For 75 minute classes individual class rate is £11/class; block-booking rate is £8/class. I hold a discounted mixed level ‘community yoga’ class intended to make yoga accessible to more people on a limited budget. The community class is £5. Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs is a 12 week course; investment £260.

I organise classes in ‘blocks’ of usually 5-8 weeks, fitting around the school holidays when I’m a full time mum. I only ask for a commitment to one ‘block’ at a time. I’m happy to accept casual drop-ins until a class reaches full capacity, at which point those who’ve committed to a regular practice have priority over casual drop-ins. Those currently enrolled always get first option to re-enrol for the next block. I plan my timetable a few times per year for upcoming months so you can generally see class dates well in advance.

Please be sure to check you can attend class dates if block booking, as there are NO REFUNDS NOR SUBSTITUTIONS for missed classes. This is also written on the enrolment form, which you will complete before your first class.

Term time class schedule 2019-2020

What do I wear?

COMFORTABLE, NON-RESTRICTIVE CLOTHING A T-shirt and leggings or joggers is fine. Generally clothing that is close fitting rather than loose will work better. No jeans or jewellery. Yoga is done in bare feet or if you get chilly feet then grippy Yoga Toesox are fine.

Each of my venues has under floor heating but I cannot adjust it, therefore I advise wearing layers at all times: you can keep the layers on during the less active parts of class where your body temperature will drop and peel them off as we get more active and you warm up.

What do I bring?

If YOU ARE COMING FOR YOUR FIRST CLASS EVER AND DON’T YET HAVE YOUR OWN YOGA KIT, THEN BORROW If you are practising on a regular basis you will need: a yoga sticky mat (NOT a camping mat please as these are slippery and unsuitable). I generally have a few yoga mats in stock if you want to buy at class – 6mm thicker warrior plus mats £20. If buying elsewhere please don’t buy for less than £10; it’s likely to be a camping mat.

Also bring a bottle of water if you wish and a thick blanket to pad the knees in any kneeling postures and to cover up for guided relaxation at the end of class. Padding your knees when practising on a hard floor really makes a difference to your comfort.

Finally, as of January 2016 I am asking all those regularly attending to invest in their own pair of yoga blocks and pair of yoga bricks. Again you can purchase elsewhere but please ensure the bricks are straight rather than bevelled edge, or you can purchase from me @ £4.50/each so a total set of 4 = £18. I use these very frequently to give options to make poses more accessible and more stable. You can bring any other additional kit you may use. Lastly bring an open mind – it helps!

Yoga etiquette

ARRIVE EARLY; BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS It’s good yoga etiquette to arrive 10-15 minutes BEFORE class begins. Have time to shed shoes and coats, visit the loo, sign in, settle payment or fill out your enrolment form if required and have a chat or simply lie down and rest. This makes a much better start to your class than rushing in after class has started and disrupting others. Each class will start with a centring exercise designed to help us switch off from the stresses of our day and each class concludes with a guided relaxation. If you enter or leave class during these times you will disturb the others in class. Please be considerate for the maximum enjoyment of all. Additionally strong perfumes can be off putting for others. It’s best to come to class clean, fresh and ready for practice!

I positively encourage the social aspect of class – after all it’s much easier to be motivated to attend consistently when you know you will see friends at class, so by all means chat before or after class but not during.

Anything else?

YES – Yoga is non competitive. Avoid comparing yourself to others and leave your ego at the door.

Yoga is most comfortably practised on an empty stomach.  Wait 3-4 hours after a large meal or 1-2 after a light one before practising. Empty your bladder and bowels before you practice.

RUGBY RAYS www.rugbyrays.co.uk TO ME YOGA IS A VAST AND HUMBLING SUBJECT and I don’t presume my style of teaching will suit everyone. Each yoga teacher will approach the subject uniquely and I find you learn something new from every teacher. Therefore, I would encourage you on your yoga quest to get out there and explore – try lots of classes, find the ones you love, that inspire you, that make you feel great! In Rugby we are blessed with several teachers. Most, but not all, can be found on the Rugby RAYS website: www.rugbyrays.co.uk so do have a look!