Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga

Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga – all classes require pre-booking

Please note as of September 2018 – after 8 wonderful years teaching pregnancy yoga in Rugby I am taking a break from teaching for pregnancy. Please visit and do a postcode search under ‘find a class’ to search for Birthlight trained teachers.

Yoga for pregnancy is really about nurturing the mother. It is taking the time to connect with your baby and to help ease some of those pregnancy symptoms to allow you to enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible.

It is suitable from about 14 weeks to birth. You will have or have had your first scan around 12 weeks. Most women find that some time around weeks 14-17 they start to get their old energy back again. Listen to your body and see when you feel ready. So anytime from then onwards is the ideal time to start pregnancy yoga. Pregnancy yoga can be done from this point right up to (and including!) labour.

You do not need any previous knowledge or experience of yoga to participate in Birthlight yoga.

These classes are specifically designed to be fun, safe and effective yoga for the whole of the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. We do adapted classic yoga poses – specifically ones which create space in the pelvis and which strengthen the muscles supporting baby and you (especially your abdominal muscles, your back and pelvic floor), and which often help baby into the ideal position for birth. We learn breathing techniques, which many women have found useful for labour, birth and the early days as a new mother. The breathing techniques, especially if practised throughout the 2nd trimester, help to increase your capacity to ‘breathe for two’. We also use sounds (Nada Yoga) because creating our own sounds (chanting, mantras, vowel sounds, nursery rhymes etc.) is the quickest way to open up abdominal breathing; also because women make sounds when they give birth naturally and because baby hears and feels sound.

We practice various relaxation and visualisation techniques. Women find that with all of these practices, they are most beneficial preparation for labour and birth if they’ve had the time during the pregnancy to practice them regularly, so that they become second nature. The women I have been working with recently have told me that pregnancy yoga helped them to feel calm and empowered during their labours and births, with plenty of tools in their ‘yogic toolbelt’ to help them through this amazing transition to motherhood.

This yoga is most effective if you practice it throughout your 2nd and 3rd trimesters, right up until birth. Please be aware there are no substitutions nor refunds for missed classes; do check you can attend before committing. 

Download your enrolment form for Pregnancy Yoga here.