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by Teresa on Blank Business Name
Hatha yoga

I’ve been attending Leigh’s hatha yoga classes for a number of years. She is quite simply the best yoga teacher I have ever had. Leigh is very knowledgeable and not only takes us through yoga poses but also talks to us about other associated practices – breathing, ayurveda, mindfulness and has recently taught us how to use foam rollers to help our stretching exercises. In class Leigh is able to talk us through poses from the basic to advanced positions so that every pose is accessible to every person – no matter their ability. I recently had a shoulder injury and Leigh was very helpful in advising which poses could help and those to avoid. I have a fear of flying, particularly taking off and landing, and I use one of the breathing exercises Leigh taught us to help to keep me calm – it works so well my husband now tells me to ‘do your yoga breathing’ when I get on a plane! Classes are a joy to attend and the guided relaxation at the end is blissful! I would recommend Leigh’s classes to anyone and everyone.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this thoughtful review Teresa!

by Sneha Kappala on Blank Business Name
Must try !! Pregnancy Yoga

I have visited Leigh's Birth Light Yoga classes with my first pregnancy and now back in my second. I just could not think of not being here this time too.Leigh is great with her art, a very warm and welcoming person who enjoys what she does. Leigh made me realise what a women’s body can do during pregnancy and gave the confidence that we can have the birth we like to have. Giving birth is unpredictable and doesn’t always go to plan, but believing in having a positive experience can help you have one.Coming to Leigh's classes is the best thing I have done to myself during my pregnancies. I always assumed that I would need all the medical intervention available to cope with the ordeal of giving birth. I joined Leigh's classes as I thought they are structured and safe for me and the baby. However, I found to my surprise that it was much more. I have learned many things that have helped to empower me about birth, including movement, focused breathing and relaxation. Leigh is an amazing teacher who demonstrates a mixture of physical exercises and breathing techniques so you come away feeling your muscles have become really flexible and relaxed. Learnt great tips and techniques on comfortable positions for labour, lots of stuff about active birth etc.., Knowing what to expect, and what I can do to help the process, helped me calm any anxieties that I had. Leigh’s classes are adapted to each one so we can get what we need to focus on.I could not recommend Leigh and her classes enough! Must try!!! Thanks Leigh.

What a touching review Sneha. You made my day with this wonderful feedback!

by Michelle Stuchbury on Blank Business Name

I've been attending Leigh's gentle yoga class on a Monday for 18 months now. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) two years ago and Leigh helped me to focus on what I could do rather than what I couldn't, and has helped to to build my confidence physically and mentally over this time. I love Leigh's positive nature and how she teaches all aspects of yoga - breathing, mantras, asanas, yoga nidras and the philosophy behind it - in a fun and enlightening way. Her words of wisdom have stayed with me, even in the difficult days when I can't attend class. Leigh's classes have helped me to have a more positive outlook on my life and is helping on my road to recovery. Couldn't recommend them enough!

Thank you so much for this touching review Michelle. I'm so glad you have discovered the many benefits of yoga!

tuesday hatha class

I've been going to Leigh's yoga class for a few years now, and can't imagine it not being part of my week. It helps in so many ways, for flexibility, certainly, but also for deep relaxation, de-stressing and feeling part of a small, friendly yoga community. It's always a mix - familiar postures alongside something new. There's never any pressure, and you feel relaxed and secure because Leigh really knows her stuff!

Thank you so much Nik for this review! It's greatly appreciated.

by Dominika Pasternak on Blank Business Name
Pregnancy yoga

I have attended pregnancy yoga for most of my second pregnancy and I can highly recommend it! Every single class gave me information that I needed!Leigh is very easy to talk to and you can definitely tell that she puts all her heart in giving the guidance and information to future mothers, making sure that when the time comes you will get the birth that you wanted!Thank you Leigh for everything and can't wait to see you when my little lady arrives!

Thank you so much Dom for your kind words! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave this review.

by Kerry Horsman-Gray on Blank Business Name
Leigh is the best Yoga teacher ever

I have know Leigh personally as a friend first for over 14 years and a yoga teacher for many, many years now. I look forward to my weekly yoga session and couldn't live my life without it. Not only has it helped me with my flexibility the deep breathing has helped with my singing as I am in a choir and the yoga has definitely helped with my running, and more recently taking part in an ultra challenge, walking 62 miles of the Cotswold Way non stop. I truly believe that without Leigh's yoga sessions I wouldn't have recovered as quickly as I had. I was back doing yoga the day straight after my challenge. Leigh is a true inspiration and a wonderful person who truly cares about each and every one of us. Here's to many more years of yoga with Leigh.

Kerry what a touching review - thank you so much for taking the time to leave this feedback!

by Sandie Seakins on Blank Business Name
Gentle Hathaway Yoga, Monday mornings

Leigh's class is not just for the young, slim and fit. I am nearly 70, heavier than I should be, have a poorly ankle , shoulder and hip, but can still manage most of the poses and sequences! This is because Leigh offers so many alternatives and adaptions. Her classes are good fun and good for my health, with plenty of challenges for a thirty year old as well. Eight years along the path and hopefully many more to go!

Thank you so much for this review Sandie! Yes let's enjoy lots more yoga together!

by Hania Hurley on Blank Business Name
Pregnancy Yoga

I have attended several of Leigh's pregnancy yoga classes and have found each one very informative, relaxing and enjoyable.In just a small space of time I have learnt so much that will help with the journey to labour and labour itself including stretching & breathing techniques, biological facts and how to get comfy and relax when your bump gets really big.I am looking forward to the classes starting again after summer.

Thank you Hania for taking time to leave this feedback. It's hugely appreciated!

by Edwina on Blank Business Name
Couldn't be without it!

I've been attending Leigh's mixed level Hatha Yoga for over two years. I'd tried three other yoga teachers before this but Leigh's passion for yoga really shines through - really inspirational. The level of relaxation you get from the meditation part of the class is amazing. It really was a sanity saver for me. I also like the fact that she teaches in the round so everyone is equally included. Can't recommend her classes enough!

Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback Edwina!

by Michele on Blank Business Name
Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

You can spend a lot of time (as I did) thinking how bad your back is or you could spend a little time a few times a week using the toolkit for healthy backs that this course teaches under the expert guidance of Leigh. But this is not just a twelve week module but a 'pick 'n mix' yoga based exercise programme which you use for a life time and will gradually improve the overall quality of your life and health. It will take time and personal effort but as you would expect of yoga the benefits go beyond 'the lower back.' If, like me, you have not done yoga before this course is an excellent start, combining basic yoga principles and gentle back strengthening exercise sequences both of which can be developed and advanced if desired. The group was small and friendly. The venue clean, bright, airy and warm with plenty of on or off site parking. Leigh runs the course with professionalism and quiet efficiency, she has a wealth of yoga experience and has a passion and enthusiasm which shines through week after week. Commit to your back, commit to your general wellbeing. Don't delay, sign up today!

Thank you so much for this review Michele.

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