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Do I need to be experienced / fit / flexible etc to come try yoga class?

NO! We all start as beginners. I am accustomed to teaching mixed ability groups and giving different options for those at different levels in their practice.

If you are currently doing no physical activity and additionally have medical conditions, which may limit your practice, then you may find I am not the teacher locally with the most gentle style. I do encourage you to be aware of any limitations but to work with your capacity.

My advice is this: if you think yoga is for you, then go try lots of classes and different teachers. When you find the style of teaching and the level that suits you best, it is a wonderful thing!

My most gentle classes are: Yoga for Back Care (extremely gentle and suitable for all – 45mins), Gentle/Chair Hatha (90mins) and Beginner Hatha (60mins).  Improvers Hatha (90mins) and Mixed Level Hatha (90mins) are a bit more dynamic and challenging and require a knowledge of the basic postures.

What does the class consist of?

HATHA YOGA comes from the Sanskrit root word yuj, which means to yoke, to unite, to bind. Hatha Yoga is the union of body, mind and breath.

We begin class with a breath awareness exercise to centre us, help us to detach from our daily stresses and to notice how we feel. Gentle joints and glands movements to warm us up. Interwoven with pranayama (breathing practices) and asanas (postures).

Usually we include mantra (chanting/sound vibration) and always conclude with a guided relaxation.

What does it cost?

Single indoor group class = £15/class, block booking rate £12/class, trial class £6 – email leigh@innerpeaceyoga.co.uk to enquire for trial class availability
Single online live streamed class = £13/class, block booking rate £10/class, trial class £5
One month subscription to the Yoga Video Library = £15 (As of 25 September there are over 145 full length classes uploaded, taught in 5 class levels: Yoga for Back Care 45 mins. (extremely gentle suitable for all), Gentle/chair Hatha 90mins., Beginner Hatha 60mins., Mixed Level Hatha (90mins), Improvers Hatha (90mins), plus: short videos under 30 minutes, mantras, pranayama, yoga nidra).

I organise classes in ‘blocks’ of usually 4-8 weeks, fitting around the school holidays. I ask for a commitment to one ‘block’ at a time. Advanced booking only.Those currently enrolled always get first option to re-enrol for the next block. As of October 2020 I am preparing for a phased return to group indoor classes with Covid safe rules in place. To attend a group indoor class you must agree to abide by the Covid safe rules. The recommendation continues to be that more vulnerable groups are better to access classes online.

Please be sure to check you can attend class dates if block booking, as there are NO REFUNDS NOR SUBSTITUTIONS for missed classes. This is also written on the enrolment form, which you will complete before your first class.

What do I wear?

COMFORTABLE, NON-RESTRICTIVE CLOTHING  A T-shirt and leggings or joggers is fine. Generally clothing that is close fitting rather than loose will work better. No jeans or jewellery. Yoga is done in bare feet or if you get chilly feet then grippy Yoga Toesox are fine.

Each of my venues has under floor heating but I cannot adjust it, therefore I advise wearing layers at all times: you can keep the layers on during the less active parts of class where your body temperature will drop and peel them off as we get more active and you warm up. Group indoor classes will have increased ventilation so wearing extra layers is highly recommended.

What do I bring?

This has really changed with the pandemic as previously I supplied lots of shared yoga kit to help make you more comfortable in the class. Unfortunately I can no longer supply any shared equipment. Therefore you will now need to bring all your own kit. If you a trialling a class then please bring a yoga mat (NOT a camping mat please as these are slippery and unsuitable), a thick blanket (to pad your knees for any kneeling poses and also to cover up for a guided relaxation at the end of class) and a bottle of water if you wish. If you attend regularly please also bring: 2 yoga blocks, 2 yoga bricks and a yoga strap. Mixed Level and Improvers classes may also want to invest in a resistance loop and 1kg ankle/wrist weights if they want to incorporate these into postures. I will be selling off my used yoga blocks and resistance bands and loops rather than have them sit in storage unused for a year. I will not have cash floats at class so payment for these via Paypal only please. I’m sorry I will not be able to supply any kit to borrow if you forget.

Yoga etiquette

For group indoor classes read and agree the Covid safe rules; BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS  Pre-covid good yoga etiquette was to arrive 10-15 minutes BEFORE class begins. This is one of the many things that are different. Now, for indoor group classes please wait in your car until 5 minutes before class begins. I have to ask that you wear a mask to enter/exit the venue and that you avoid chatting in the car park. Proceed to your place, indicated by a post it note on the floor, designating where you should place the front of your mat. Keep your shoes and belongings near you rather than at the coat hooks as in our pre-covid world. Maintain 2m distance whilst inside the venue. Toilets are operating on a ‘one in one out’ basis and are usable at your own risk. Venues encourage you to use the toilet at home before coming to class. Remove your mask only once settled on your mat. Each class will start with a centring exercise designed to help us switch off from the stresses of our day and each class concludes with a guided relaxation. If you enter or leave class during these times you will disturb the others in class. No latecomers. No casual drop ins. Please be considerate for the maximum enjoyment of all. Venues have a one way system in place. Additionally strong perfumes can be off putting for others. It’s best to come to class clean, fresh and ready for practice! For indoor classes wear extra layers as ventilation will be increased. I’m sorry to have to write these Covid safe rules as they are the opposite of what I have encouraged for the past 10 years! There are no substitutions nor refunds for missed classes (even if you cannot attend because you need to get a test or self isolate, though you can have a friend or family member come in your place, provided I have an enrolment form from them at their first class). If you or someone in your household has a fever, a cough or loss of smell or taste, do not attend class. If I have symptoms I will cancel place. You will need to provide your contact details for test, track and trace to attend group indoor classes. Vulnerable groups are still advised not to attend group indoor classes; accessing online classes is preferable for anyone over 70 or who was previously shielding.

Anything else?

YES – Yoga is non competitive. Avoid comparing yourself to others and leave your ego at the door.

Yoga is most comfortably practised on an empty stomach.  Wait 3-4 hours after a large meal or 1-2 after a light one before practising. Empty your bladder and bowels before you practice.

RUGBY RAYS www.rugbyrays.co.uk TO ME YOGA IS A VAST AND HUMBLING SUBJECT and I don’t presume my style of teaching will suit everyone. Each yoga teacher will approach the subject uniquely and I find you learn something new from every teacher. Therefore, I would encourage you on your yoga quest to get out there and explore – try lots of classes, find the ones you love, that inspire you, that make you feel great! In Rugby we are blessed with several teachers. Most, but not all, can be found on the Rugby RAYS website: www.rugbyrays.co.uk so do have a look!

Accessing online live streamed yoga classes via Zoom
Summary of Covid safe rules for attending group indoor classes

COVID SAFE RULES for attending group indoor classes:

  • Do not attend if you or a member of your household have Covid symptoms (a fever, a cough, loss of smell or taste) or has had a positive test result. There will be no refunds in this case, however you can have a friend or family member come in your place, if you notify me in advance and provided they complete an enrolment form at their first class.
  • I will cancel class if I or a member of my household have Covid symptoms or has had a positive test result. In this case the venues will freeze our bookings, so I would hope to resume teaching as soon as is practical in this case. I will inform you as soon as possible. If a more strict local lockdown occurs I will return to offering the live streamed classes from my home and you will be offered to join in classes from your home. I will also offer you access to the yoga library for free for the remainder of the month. I’m sorry but there will be no refunds in event of a more severe local lockdown. I can minimise risks but not eliminate all risk. Attending group indoor classes again means we both assume this risk.
  • Social distancing: mats 2m apart.
  • No casual drop ins; advanced booking only.
  • No cash float – online booking only. I’ll be selling off yoga blocks and resistance bands rather than having them sit in storage. Paypal payment only for these please.
  • Hand sanitise on the way in.
  • Wear masks to enter the venue, visit the loo and leave the venue. Only remove masks once settled on your mat. No mask no entry.
  • No arriving early. No queueing inside the venues. External doors will be unlocked 5-10 minutes before class begins. Please wait in your car until then.
  • No sign in register; I’ll take the register verbally or by photograph. I’m required to keep a record of attendance both for my insurance as I always have, as well as 21 days for Track & Trace.
  • Please do not chat in the car park before and after class.
  • No shared equipment. I am no longer allowed to provide spare mats, cushions, yoga blocks, bricks, yoga straps or resistance loops as I previously did. Please bring your own full kit with you. I will be selling off (used) blocks and resistance bands in class rather than have them sit indefinitely in storage. Please bring: your yoga mat, a yoga strap and 2 blocks, 2 bricks. If you’d like to use resistance loops and/or 1kg ankle/wrist weights then please bring these as well.
  • No music – sadly for 2 reasons: I’m not allowed to raise my voice and because having music interferes with the video recordings. Those participating from home can search yoga playlists on Spotify and play their own background music.
  • Capacity max 16 for Cawston and I’m starting with 8 for St.George’s. A post it note will indicate where to put the front of your mat. Please do not use central places to drop your shoes and coats, leave any unnecessary belongings at home or in the car. Keep all your belongings near you to avoid congregating near coat hooks after class.
  • Use of toilets is at your own risk. Venues encourage you to use the toilet at home. There is a ‘one in, one out’ policy for the toilets. Keep your mask on, and wait until you see that it’s clear to proceed. For Cawston they have made all toilets unisex and designated the former female toilet for the Main hall.
  • One way systems: I’m to obtain a key for the foyer door at St.George’s, allowing for a one way system to go into the toilets, to exit the toilets, go through the door beyond the mens’ toilet and come back in through the usual way. Exit out the large wooden doors at St.George’s and the back fire doors at Cawston.
  • Extra ventilation: maximise ventilation. Wear extra layers!!
  • Extra cleaning: I’ll be cleaning before and after class and throwing open doors to ventilate the room.
  • Participants must provide contact details for Track & Trace. Name, contact number, date and time you attended.
  • In the event a positive case had occurred in the venue I will notify you as soon as I know. I will follow the advice of PHE. (For this reason and speed of communication it may be helpful for me to set up a What’s App group if you are willing)
  • The latest government ‘rule of six’ does not apply to us as I’m business with a risk assessment in place. Number of places per venue is based on 2m distancing.
  • Would you believe this is the summary version?! If you would like to read the full risk assessments for these venues please visit the FAQ of my website where you will find these pdf documents.